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These are few shades of Aluminum Composite Panels we have very wide range available, These panels are used to make the amazing look of you buildings exterior and interior

Our Brand Aluminum Panel in new type in building material presenting the tendency of the future. with fluro-carbon resin (PVDF) roasting painting of rolling type on the from layer its weather resistance is over 20 years stable and it will remain fresh without change of color.

    Our Aluminum Composite Panels are smooth & flawless on surface since we use varieties of advance equipments and strict control on the accuracy of dimension. Our panels features high strength and light weight with excellent torsion strength and bend strength under heavy load. For bending and cutting etc information click here.

    Our panels can be easily shaped in may shapes such as curve, reserve curve, curve corner and sharp corner to fit your need to make building look more beautiful. The Panels are specially designed to feature strong adhesion, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, powdering resistance and resistance of Ultraviolet light. These panels are better than fully-metal-made panel in sound proofing and vibration proofing.  

    We Use the modified polyvinyl plastic interlaying in between without toxicity and covering of uninflammable aluminum layer at two sides. the ability of fire proof is higher than index requirement of grade B1. It is a safe fire proof material and fully meets the fireproof requirement specified in Building Code.


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